U3A Box Hill Term 1, 2019

Writing, Pronunciation and Conversation

Tuesdays 8.30am - 9.00am, Main Room, Strabane Hall.


(a) This is a beginners' course in the Chinese (Mandarin) language.
(b) It aims to provide a fundamental understanding of how the Chinese language works.
(c) The classes are conducted in English and no prior language learning is assumed.

Lecture materials and links that support each week's topic

  1. Lesson 1 

    Pronunciation 1:

    Pronunciation 2:


    Greetings and School ....*NEW*

  2. Lesson 2

    Writing Characters:

    1-10 Number Song:

    Pronouncing Numbers 1-100:

    Note: iu is a contraction of iou. So, liu (6) is pronounced as liou and jiu (9), as jiou.

  3. Lesson 3

  4. Lesson 4

  5. Telling the time:

  6. Lesson 5

  7. 1. Pronouns

    2. Yes-No Questions

    3. The Words for "This", "That" and "Which"

    4. Some Other Question Words

    5. Separable Verbs

    And, the Movie "A Singing Fairy"

    Here is an extra film for the holiday break.
    Its title is "Open Your Heart".
    It has little dialogue but might make you cry!

Extra/Optional Resources (Only look at these if you are interested in doing so!)

Brian Belcher, 30-6-2019